Wisconsin Apartment Association Connecting the Rental Community ... Right Next Door and Across the State.

2019 WAA Autumn Conference & Trade Show-Saturday only


Rothschild - Central WI Convention+Expo Center

Early Pricing (Ends 08/01/2019)
Members: $69.00
Non Members: $89.00

Regular Pricing
Members: $79.00
Non Members: $99.00

Join us in this beautiful location for a weekend of education, networking with others from across the state in the rental housing industry, and learn how businesses can help you save money!


Sessions include Marketing With Little or No Money, the Looming Pot Problem, & a special extra session on Judgments & Collections by Chris Mokler of C.J. Mokler & Associates (there is an extra fee for this intense, information filled session-additional $79 per member/$109 per member).

Watch for the full schedule after July 12th.

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