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2019 WAA Spring Landlord Education Day & Trade Show


Oshkosh - Oshkosh Convention Center

Early Pricing (Ends 03/17/2019)
Members: $59.00
Non Members: $69.00

Regular Pricing
Members: $69.00
Non Members: $79.00

Don't miss this day of education, networking, food, and fun that will help to SHINE a light on YOUR rental property business! 
Vendors attending the trade show include 1st Choice Pest Control, Accurate-Airtight Exteriors, Commercial Laundry Sales, Diamond Vogel Paint, Focus on Energy, Hard Water Solutions, Landlord Services, Overhead Solutions Inc., WI Legal Blank, & Wons Background Investigations.


Check out the great breakout sessions on the schedule!  Here are brief descriptions of a few of them...

How to Price Investment Property by Chris Mokler, Christopher J. Mokler & Associates
Rent, Expenses, Net Income, Cash Flow, Rates of Return, Cap Rates, Liquidity . . . OMG!  What does it all mean????  What price should I pay for the property?  How do appraisers come up with a value?  Am I paying too much?  Stop the wondering and learn the methods that most serious investors use to price investment property during this session.

Benefits of Leasing Expiration Management by Tiffany Zwiefelhofer, Creative Apartment Marketing
Tiffany will give you a number of why you should adopt a leasing expiration management program, which includes better budgeting, occupancy and positive bottom line.  Come learn how to implement and maximize your expiring leases.

Fair Housing Basics:  What You Need to Know by Tiffany Zwiefelhofer, Creative Apartment Marketing
This session will be focusing on the global classes.  Each WAA local is responsible for offering resources for their county, parish, township etc. and advising on added protected classes.  Don’t miss this session to brush up on your fair housing knowledge.

Attic 101 for Apartment Owners by Steve Bohachek, Accurate Airtight Exteriors
Steve is presenting this course on attics for busy property owners.  He will cover what to look for in an apartment building attic and energy conservation issues unique to multi-family properties.  Steve will also discuss some of the most cost effective solutions for energy conservation, as well as rebates available for multi-family properties making efficiency improvements.   

“Ask the Expert” Panel by Experienced Landlords
This session is dedicated to answering YOUR questions about being a rental owner.  There is no theme, questions can be on any topic.  Bring your burning questions that haven't been covered in other classes or new ones that just came up.  Not sure what you would ask?  "Do I have to use a form for this....";  "How do I handle a situation where the tenant has...";    "Am I required to do this...";     "What's the best way to..."  Bring beginner AND advanced questions.  We will do our best to answer your questions given our knowledge and experience.
Disclosure: We are not attorneys, accountants, or your mother.  You may want to consult 2 of 3 before making any big decisions with your rentals.

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