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Show Me the $$$...Collecting Money You're Owed


Fond du Lac - Radisson Hotel & Conference Center

Early Pricing (Ends 02/09/2020)
Members: $79.00
Non Members: $109.00

Regular Pricing
Members: $99.00
Non Members: $129.00


You have past tenants that owe you money for one reason or another, perhaps even the judge said they owe money....but they are NOT paying!  The fact that they owe it and/or the fact that you have a judgment does not get you paid!  How are you going to get paid?  Sure, you could turn it over to collections, and yes, they will take a percentage...but they may not collect a dime!

Now, is your chance to learn how to avoid losing money (get paid when your supposed to) and how to get paid when your owed money, even if they no longer live in one of your properties!

No, you're not going to hire a big guy name Quido....you're going to learn the legal method using the courts to get paid! 

Register now, space is limited!  Class will be held on Friday, April 17th 1:00 - 5:15 p.m.

Due to the in depth content of this session, there is an extra fee for this session ($79/member or $109/non-member by February 9th).


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