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The Wisconsin Apartment Association (WAA) is the largest state-wide association of landlords and property managers in the Badger state. WAA consistently provides the most effective legislative representation at the State Capitol for thousands of Wisconsin landlords.  WAA consistently serves its members by providing a wide array of benefits and resources.  Members have online access to up-to-date legal forms, a Landlord HelpLine, plus helpful information for attracting (and keeping) good tenants while avoiding costly lawsuits.

Regardless whether you are just starting out, or looking to acquire more properties, or in the process of divesting, you are important to WAA!  And WAA is important to your rental business!  Now is a great time to become a member.

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Meanwhile please Contact us anytime with your comments, questions or suggestions! You see, WAA practices a high standard of listening to questions and finding answers for landlords and property managers.

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