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Welcome to the Wisconsin Apartment Association (WAA), the largest and fastest growing state-wide association of landlords in the Badger state. WAA membership provides effective legislative representation for landlords and sponsors up-to-date information for attracting and retaining good tenants, avoiding costly lawsuits, and assuring favorable return on rental property investments.

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09/19/2018 FAQ On Leases

This blog provides a insight to some of you burning beginners' questions on leases. 

When was the last time you truly assessed your insurance policy? When you bought it?  In 30 minutes or less you can examine your insurance policy familiarizing yourself with it and figuring out any keys questions for your agent.

Technology has transformed numerous ways we conduct our rental business.  But it's also made changes to the way we network.  Networking no longer is solely based on being out of your home and attending events. Technology has opened a new world to supplement an in-person networking strategy to bring more possibilities than ever.