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Code of Ethics

The Wisconsin Apartment Association (WAA) has united for the purpose of advancing the general welfare of the multi-family rental housing industry in the State of Wisconsin and in recognition of the vital role of its members in responsibly meeting the rental house needs of our state.

We acknowledge our commitment to our residents, to our State, and to our fellow housing providers to maintain the highest possible standards of quality and service. We commit ourselves to supplying and maintaining rental property, which will provide residents with health and life safety, and with the human values of pride, dignity and security. Therefore, as members of the Wisconsin Apartment Association, we commit ourselves to these principles and standards:

THAT.. We will uphold the highest professional standards of integrity, honesty and fairness;

THAT.. We will continually strive to better the industry by participating in a promoting education and professionalism;

THAT.. We will promote the spirit of, and comply with, all applicable Fair Housing Laws in order to achieve equal housing opportunities for all;

THAT.. We will properly maintain and safeguard all property under our care, meeting or exceeding all appropriate housing and health and life safety codes, ordinances and regulations;

THAT.. We will respect the rights of others by preserving and enhancing private property rights and the free enterprise system;

THAT.. We will comply with all Federal, State and Local laws and regulations pertaining to our industry;

THAT.. We will function cooperatively with our Local & State Apartment Associations.

As a member of the Wisconsin Apartment Association, I pledge myself to uphold this Code of Ethics and recognize the responsibility and authority of the Wisconsin Apartment Association to enforce this Code of Ethics as a requisite for membership.