Wisconsin Apartment Association Connecting the Rental Community ... Right Next Door and Across the State.

Who We Are - Wisconsin Apartment Association

WAA is a 501(c)(6) state-wide non-profit business league providing support for those engaged in the ownership and management of residential rental properties in Wisconsin. We operate as a volunteer organization, with only one part-time employee. Membership includes rental property owners and managers ranging from a single house or duplex, to large apartment complexes, and members are encouraged to supply and maintain rental units that are safe and secure, and that provide tenants a healthy environment for living with dignity.

WAA is committed to unite, advance, and improve the Landlording industry through (a) political activism, (b) education and (c) networking:

(a) Political Activism
WAA defends the constitutional rights of property owners, while recognizing the protected rights of tenants. Effectively representing landlord interests to our legislators is the main reason WAA was formed in the first place, and continues to be its central focus. Our acclaimed legislative involvement is spearheaded by veteran legislative liason, Gary R. Goyke and Christopher J. Mokler, both lobbyists licensed with the Wisconsin Ethics Commission, https://ethics.wi.gov. All WAA members are routinely updated about items & issues that could potentially impact landlords as they are being discussed by the Legislature. And every spring, we sponsor a "Landlord Legislative Day" that brings legislators, representatives and rental property owners together for respectful dialogue about our concerns.

(b) Education
Available on the website are webinars covering various landlord/tenant issues conducted by John H. Fischer (aka Dr. Rent) along with a library of educational articles. In addition, we sponsor two all-day Conference/tradeshows in April and October. These "Landlord Education Days" typically feature 8 or 10 outstanding educational/training seminars... plus food, fun and socializing! Conference dates and locations are announced in advance and early registration offers reduced rates.

(c) Networking
As a state-wide landlord organization, WAA supports and encourages local groups of landlords to get together on a regular basis. There are currently 20 WAA-affiliated landlord groups that hold meetings where landlords and property managers network with each other to address local issues. These Local Affiliates form the backbone of WAA's representation at the Capitol for "Legislative Day" in March. In addition, by pooling their resources, they provide legal precedent and financial support to other Locals that are forced to defend against municipal overreach, unfair ordinances or inspection fees.

Finally, we view rental property ownership as a rewarding, long-term business commitment. And, like anything that's worth doing, it requires some time. With that in mind, this website is being developed with the goal to be a one-stop resource for member Landlords and Affiliated Local associations.