Wisconsin Apartment Association Connecting the Rental Community ... Right Next Door and Across the State.

Group "Affiliate" Membership

Once You Have Established Your Local Apartment Association, What Do You Do?

  1. Fill out an application for Affiliation with WAA below (click on Join Now).
  2. Remit appropriate dues for each member. The dues are $119 per member.
  3. Provide the WAA office with a contact list of your Local members and Officers, including addresses, cell numbers, emails, and the number of units each represents.
  4. Keep the WAA apprised of changes in membership on a monthly basis.

What Will You Receive From WAA?

  1. A voice in the legislative process in Madison. Enact legislation which will benefit your business suppress legislation, which can adversely affect your current investments or future developments.
  2. An informative bi-monthly WAA Newsmagazine, compiled solely for landlord interests, plus emailed legislative alerts.
  3. A marketplace of income properties for sale, and an online bulletin board when you want to sell.
  4. Free Webinars and a variety of educational offerings at reduced member prices.
  5. The chance to keep abreast of what's happening in the industry in the state and nation.
  6. The ability to shop state member vendors who are reliable and may offer discounts.
  7. Exclusive discount to advertise vacancies on Apartment ConNeXTion online rental guide.
  8. An opportunity to improve your management and marketing skills.
  9. Members-Only rates to attend two 1-day "Landlord Education Day" conference/tradeshows , that provide networking, educational seminars, and a variety of products and services available especially for our industry.
  10. Network with other state associations to make your Local as effective as possible.
  11. Support in finding solutions to local ordinance issues.
  12. A place to go for help, materials, and legal forms.
  13. The opportunity to meet new friends and have fun with others in the rental housing industry.

Membership Doesn't Cost - It Pays!

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