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"Run-Til- You-Sell" Income Properties For Sale

When you want to sell an income property, you can advertise here to reach the most likely buyers of rental properties - other landlords and investors, who already know the business and are looking to acquire income-generating properties!

It's quick and easy to do! Simply complete the basic property information and type the description you'd like to appear.  Be sure to click Display my phone number and email.  Then upload at least 1 photo (up to 6 photos), and click "Save".  Once approved, your property listing will run until you delete it!


  • Non-Members: $50 for each "Run-Til- You-Sell" listing
  • WAA Members: FREE for each "Run-Til- You-Sell" listing

Policies & Limitations:

  • No "solicitation" advertising
  • Each listing is limited to one property or complex (you can post more than one)
  • Limit contact information to phone number and email – no website links!
  • Please delete your listing(s) as your property sells
  • WAA Membership must be "current" for listing(s) to be FREE
  • WAA reserves the right, at our discretion, to delete any postings deemed inappropriate to the purpose of these listings, and to disallow or disable any author’s posting privileges.
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