Wisconsin Apartment Association Connecting the Rental Community ... Right Next Door and Across the State.

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Connecting the rental community right next door... and across the state.

Membership in the Wisconsin Apartment Association is comprised of (a) rental property owners, managers and investors (b), supportive business suppliers to the apartment industry or agencies involved in the rental housing industry and (c) local landlord groups and associations. To apply for membership, select the type of membership that's appropriate for you or your business or your landlord group.

(a) Individual State Membership ($119)

At-Large Membership is for landlords, rental property owners & property managers. Any owner of rental property or manager of apartments may be an At-Large member. At-Large members have full access to all of the resources of the WAAonine.org website and are members of governing body, the Board of the Whole. The Board of the Whole meets twice per legislative session to set Legislative goals and to assess the achievement of those goals. Each individual At-Large member shall have one vote.

(b) Business "Associate" Membership ($225)

Associate membership is for businesses that provide products and services to the rental housing industry. Any person, firm or corporation, or other organization that supplies or supports the rental industry can be an Associate Member. Associate membership includes marketing opportunities that are free or discounted. We encourage our regular members to turn to our Associate members FIRST for the products and services they need. Associate members may participate in surveys and blogs, but have no voting rights within the Association.

(c) Group "Affiliate" Membership

Affiliate membership is for groups of landlords. WAA supports - and encourages - landlord groups to get together locally, on a regular basis, to effectively address specific issues of local concern. Whether your group is existing, or fledgling or just a wish... by becoming an Affiliate of WAA, your local group will join the "family" of Wisconsin's largest state-wide league of landlord associations. Affiliate membership brings all the resources of WAA to your entire roster at reduced individual rates, plus organizational help, statewide recognition, referrals, network support, and WAA's acclaimed representation at the Capitol.