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2020 WAA Legislative Day


Madison - State Capitol

The Wisconsin Apartment Association (WAA) sponsors this annual event for ALL LANDLORDS* to meet at the State Capitol on Wed, Mar 11, 2020 to learn and communicate personally with your state representatives and legislators.  The day will include a program featuring speakers, and an expert panel on what is working and what is not working with the string of legislative acts over the past 9 years, lunch, and reception.  A very interesting session is developing!**

*Landlord “Legislative Day” is not exclusive for members of WAA.  No matter where your rental properties are located, we are all Wisconsin landlords.  And, while local county or municipal ordinances may vary, State legislation affects all of us - it is important for our legislators to hear from all of us in the rental industry!

**LRB-5259 (Housing Discrimination), LRB-4956 (Rent Credit Pilot), LRB-2486 (Eviction Literacy), LRB-0834 (Legal Services Grants, LRB-0833 (Rent Abatement).


10:00 am  Registration

10:30 am  Welcome & Speakers (Room TBD)

12:00 pm  Lunch (approximate time)

1:00-2:30 pm  Panel Moderated by State Rep. Rob Brooks.  Panelists include Joe Murray, Heiner Giese, Allen Davis (City of Oshkosh), John Zarate (City of Oshkosh), & Adam Stephens (City of Milwaukee).
"Recent Statutory Changes to Landlord-Tenant Law (Ch. 704, Wis. Stats.)"
What is working, what is unclear, what is not working, and suggested changes."
2011 Wisconsin Act 143 (SB 466), effective March 31, 2012 (with some exceptions)
2013 Wisconsin Act 76 (SB 179), effective March 1, 2014
2015 Wisconsin Act 176 (AB 568), effective March 2, 2016
2017 Wisconsin Act 317 (AB 771), effective April 18, 2018 (with exception of rental unit energy assistance program provision)

2:30 pm  Legislative Office Visits

4:30 pm  Awards Presentation Reception at Park Hotel

*All times are tentative & subject to change

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