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As printed in the Beloit Daily News: The Beloit City Council will forgo its plan to appeal a lawsuit filed by Beloit landlords, and will reimburse property owners for rental registration fees filed this year. The resolution, approved by the council during a special meeting Thursday, dropped its notice of appeal with the planned reimbursements not part of the motion. The decision to drop its appeal effort, after a notice of appeal was filed in May, was expected after the council unanimously passed sweeping ordinance changes on Sept. 5 regarding rental properties and landlords. The new ordinance changes, which have been criticized by property owners following the vote, are expected to be implemented in October. The changes now bring the city into compliance with state law, which prompted the lawsuit filed by landlords Jeanette Hansen and Brian Snyder in March 2016. Here is a link to the whole story: http://www.beloitdailynews.com/article/20170908/ARTICLE/170909843 WAA NOTE: This was accomplished by landlords who stood up for themselves and backed by their local apartment association, the Wisconsin Apartment Association, and all the local Apartment Association belonging to the Wisconsin Apartment Association.