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April 3, 2020: Wisconsin Landlords Form COVID-19 Task Force

The Wisconsin Apartment Association (WAA) has created a statewide COVID-19 Task Force (Task Force) to support their tenants and all residents of rental properties impacted by the disease. The WAA Task Force’s mission is to be a resource to all decision-makers, an information conduit to other landlords and their tenants and a sounding board to the Governor and Wisconsin court system on all landlord-tenant matters that are affected by the pandemic. Many rental properties in Wisconsin are owned by individuals and small businesses that have their own financial obligations, including mortgages, utilities, payroll for their own workers, property and liability insurance, municipal fees and property taxes. If residents cannot pay their full rent obligations because of the Covid-19 outbreak then the owners are at risk of not meeting their own financial obligations. This scenario creates great risk for the individual property owner and puts the larger community at economic risk. Task Force Chair, Chris Mokler stated, “We will work with all decision-makers here in Wisconsin and call upon them to provide housing assistance to renters who are suffering from income disruption as a result of the pandemic.” Jim Bestul, Vice Chair of the Task Force, has been reaching out to all 18 chapters of WAA to get involved. “We need to make sure that everyone knows how they can help to be part of the solution,” he said. Corina Efuinger, President of the WAA said, “We intend to be a positive influence in solving all the challenges that come our way. We have learned one thing very quickly…we are all in this together and this Task Force will help, as much as it can, by developing solutions to the evolving need to keep our Wisconsinites properly housed.” You can view recorded WAA COVID-19 Task Force weekly updates under "Members" and clicking on "Webinars & Videos."